How hard is it to design your own website?

Creating a website from scratch is relatively simple in theory, but it helps to have an established repertoire of applicable skills. Fortunately, there are several paths to learning the skills needed for creating and developing modern websites. Usually, when it comes to creating a website, professionals usually focus on the design aspect or the development aspect. The reason why professionals take longer to do so is because behind it there will be personalized planning, methodology and designs. It is rare for professionals to excel in both, since design is usually more oriented to creativity and programming is more oriented to analytics.

My goal is to make the Internet a more beautiful and useful place, one design decision and one website at a time. Then, after your wireframes, you would (if you want it to be good) make a refined and finished high-resolution design of the website in Photoshop before finally coding it. A one-man web design store in Toronto that creates great affordable websites for both small businesses and non-profit organizations. Web developers like Digital Design and Development - De3 can help you with everything from designing your website to developing its functionality.

So yes, creating a website with basic information can be pretty easy, but once you start trying to make the website what you specifically want while the website is still effective and polished, that's where it gets harder to create it.

Betsy Defilippis
Betsy Defilippis

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